Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Our practice is devoted to landlord-tenant law, an area in which we have handled hundreds of cases in the Housing, District, and Superior Courts of Massachusetts. Landlord-tenant law often involves very personal issues: for a tenant, a family’s housing can be at stake; for a landlord, an important investment is involved. In both instances, having an experienced housing attorney can make all the difference between a costly and frustrating nightmare and effective resolution of your case. While our first approach is always to try to avoid litigation, we are very comfortable going to court when necessary.

We have pursued countless summary process (eviction) cases as well as a wide variety of civil matters, including those related to poor conditions in a home; violations of the security and last month’s rent deposit laws; violation of the Consumer Protection Act (c. 93A); the Massachusetts Lead Paint Statute; and illegal/abusive behavior of a landlord or tenant, just to name a few.

For a sampling of the types of housing matters we typically handle, please choose from the list below:


Keeping Landlords Out of Trouble


Civil Litigation in the Housing, District, or Superior Court

Security Deposit and Last Month’s Rent

Limited Assistance Representation